Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Local Bead Shops that I love!

Some of my customers have asked....
Where do I shop for my beads?
What are my favorite places to get beads?
Do I buy online?

My favorite local shops are:

Fat Cat Beads:
I like the selection of metal charms.
Favorite: I love the punch card that I fill and get 10.00 off my next purchase!

Meant to Bead:
I love the HUGE selection of beads. I have to stick to the list of things I came for, or it gets bad.
Favorite: The selection of Swarovski beads.

Tropic Jewel:
449 State StreetMadison, WI 53703-2031
I love the atmosphere. Hippyish. I love the selection of frosted glass beads.
Favorite: Fill a small zip lock bag with random beads for $3.00!

Shopping Rules:
My only rule when I go into one of these shops is I HAVE to leave in 30 minutes or less! Or I go a little nutso on the beads. There are so many choices and opportunities!

My favorite Shops Online are:
and a new favorite....
http://www.firemountiangems.com/ Thanks Phillip!

I can't wait for spring to go to garage sales and flea markets! That is where I find most of my Vintage Trinkets.

AND Bad news....... There is a Bead Show at the Alliant Energy Center this month. I'll need a chaperone!

Please let me know if there any unique bead shops in your area (Dane County, WI) so I can help support the economy!

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