Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thank you Susan!

Enjoy your Amethyst Nugget earrings! Hope your having a great summer.
Please continue to shop at TRENDY EXPRESSIONS

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you John!

Thank you John for your purchase of the Cool Coral Bracelet! This is a great summer accessory!

Please continue to shop at !

Thank you Michelle!


Thank you for your purchase of the Multi Mardi Gras Anklet. Hope it arrives soon...all the way to Canada!

Please continue to shop at !

Monday, May 24, 2010

Event Invitation! Taste of the Arts Fair!

I have been accepted to so sell my jewelry at The Taste of the Arts Fair in Sun Prairie, WI.

This is a juried show, so I am honored I was selected!
Save the date June 12th, 2010!

The event will be held at Sheehan Park, 1115 Linnerud Dr., across from the Sun Prairie Public Library

Event hours are 9 am - 4 pm and feature a variety of hand-crafted items and fine arts by artists from around the state of Wisconsin.

Entertainment, activities for children and, specialty foods by local and area restaurants and vendors will be featured in the "taste" of the arts event!

I hope to see you there!

Thank You Carol!

Thank you for your purchase of the Dallas Cowboy Fringe Ear Warmer!
I know your friend is going to love it!

Thanks for shopping at

Please feel free to leave a comment about your purchase.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Thank you Cari!

Thank you for your custom order request for an Umbonium seashell bracelet patterned with Mardi Gras colored glass beads. I know you're going to love it!

Thank you for shopping at Trendy Expressions!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mother's Day Wishes!

Here is a list of 10 things I want for Mother's Day:
1. Kisses in the morning
2. Thank you card from all my hard work
3. A foot rub
4. A breakfast cooked for me
5. Quality Family Time (No t.v)
6. A quiet walk
7. A swing at the park
8. A picnic lunch
and to go out on a limb here....
9. A clean house for just one day (not done by me)
10. flowers

How about you?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank You Heather!

Thank you for your purchase of the Sassy Swirl Bracelet and the Oval Red Earrings. I know you're going to love them!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Boys and Girls Club of America Donation

Here are the pieces of jewelry I have donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America. They are having a silent auction at their Luncheon on April 27th, 2010. This donation is valued at over $60.00! I hope they have a great turn out!
If you are interested in any of these pieces, I can create them for you in no time!
Please visit to shop!
Or send me an email at : with any jewelry requests!
The bracelet, in the first picture, is not posted on my site for sale yet. If you are interested in this piece, I will have it posted shortly.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I have been so busy!

I have neglected my blog, my customers and also neglected to create as much jewelry as I had planned for April. I also have not finished my April Newsletter! I do apologize!

I just recently joined the Youth and Family Services Commission in my town. This commission tries to raise the community's awareness of activities available to our youth as well as brainstorm and form new activities. The Commission was just accepted a grant to do a mural painted by the youth in our community. The Commission is also trying to get a Frisbee golf course built.

In addition to that, I also joined the Sun Prairie Skate Park Committee. This committee is in the process of trying to raise funds to redo our local skate park, which is pretty much a concrete slab with a hump in it right now. There is an event on May 15th (more details to follow after my meeting tonight). I have offered to organize a silent auction. I hope I'm successful attracting donors! I also have offered to help with advertising and I will be targeting the schools in Sun Prairie. FYI we have 7 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, 1 high school and 1 alternative high school! 6000 students! Am I crazy or what!??!!

Plus I am going to form a youth group in my town to keep the kids occupied during the time they are not at school. My first project is youth basketball games once a week at a local park. Still working on this, but will definitely be organized before school's out for the summer.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Buffalo Chicken Dip...YUM YUM

Buffalo Chicken Dip

My friend gave me this recipe around Super Bowl time and I am hooked!

2) large chicken breasts-diced and cooked.
2) 8oz packages of cream cheese
1 cup shredded cheese (any flavor you like)
1 cup hot sauce
1 cup ranch or bleu cheese dressing

Over medium heat on the stove, combine cooked chicken and both packages of cream cheese in a medium size sauce pan. Mix until cream cheese is melted. Add shredded cheese, hot sauce and ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Mix until melted and blended.

And that's it!
Serve in a big bowl with tortilla chips on the side.

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Weekend Plans

My plans for this weekend......not necessarily in this order.....

1. Madison Memorial Libary Book Sale
Fill a bag with books for $3.00 from 10:30-1pm Saturday and from 1 pm -2 pm all the leftover books are FREE!

2. University of Wisconsin Geology Museum
I love FREE museums!

3. Get in a workout and quick swim at the athletic club.

4. 3 weeks until my Garage I'll spend some time going thru closets and clearing out clutter!

5. Work on some more Anklets! Look for 2.00 anklets coming soon.....!

Visit my website !

Thursday, April 8, 2010

15 Things

15 Movies I recently watched:

1. The Invention of Lying (my son picked that one)

2. Roots (A Classic everyone should watch)

3. Couples Retreat (Was funny up until I fell asleep)

4. Brothers (I cried through the entire movie)

5. Paranormal Activity (Kinda scary)

6. Madea Goes to Jail (I love Madea!)

7. Girlhood (Documentary on at-risk teens)

8. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (I love Jack Nicholson!)

9. Dear Zachary (A very sad Crime Documentary)

10. The Goonies (My daughter laughed the whole time...she's never seen it)

11. Precious (Makes me want to adopt every abused child)

12. The Hurt Locker (Very Good Military movie)

13. The Blindside (Again...makes me want to adopt every abused child)

14. Case 39 (Scary...makes me NOT want to adopt every abused child)

15. Nine Dead (Reminds me of Saw...but not as gory)

So there it list of recently watched movies. Feel Free to comment!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Anklets!

I just posted 20 new Anklets!

I have tons more coming.

They are VERY reasonably priced.

Get them now before I sell out this summer at my upcoming events!

Follow this link to view all of the anklets:

Thank you Jazmine and Kaylie for modeling my new jewelry!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My New Favorite Shop On ETSY!

Great Gift for Father's Day.....
I found this cool shop while brosing the otherday on I will definately be getting one for a special someone for his birthday!
check out his site at

Thank You Joanna!

Thanks for your purchase of the Black Moon Earrings, Frosted White Antique Earrings and the Dashing Red Dangle Earrings.

I hope you enjoy them as much as your last purchase!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bead Show this weekend!

I'm looking forward to going to the Art Glass and Bead Show at the Alliant Energy Center this weekend!

I plan on limiting my time there to 2 hours I don't do alot of damage to my pocketbook.

Here's a link to the Bead Show

Look for new creations on my website soon

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shop at my ETSY store!!!

Sneak Peek of Items from my ETSY shop!

New Photos of Rings Coming!

My friend at work, Yesenia, is a photographer and offered to take some photos of my jewelry! I gave her all of the rings I had in stock. I will have the new photos posted on my blog as well as shortly.

If you would like to see the beautiful job Yesenia does as a photographer please check out her site at !

She also participated in the Shopping Extravaganza in January 2010 with me and blogged about it on her website. There are some photos too!

Thanks Yesenia! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just shopped online!

I just purchased new price tags for all of my jewelry. No more string tags (thank God).

I also bought an assortment of Swarovski Beads in various colors.

I bought travel displays for my I can take them to work easier!
I'm still looking for a travel necklace display.......

I bought new chain.

I'm currently working on Anklets (i have about 15 done) Summer's right around the corner!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just sent out the March Newsletter

Trendy Expressions Blog

What is a blog?
A blog is a type of website with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics, pictures or video.
The ability of readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs.

Why am I using a blog?
I am using a blog for a few reasons:
1. I do a lot of custom orders. I would like to let my customers provide feedback on purchases they have made.
2. I also would like to show potential customers my creative abilities.
3. You can also be notified of ideas I have when you check the Blog for new product lines or materials I wish to use and make comments.
4. I also can give more information on the charities I support and get feedback or suggestions of new charities from anyone.
5. The website that I sell my products on doesn’t provide enough space for information about upcoming events and previous events that I have held or attended.
6. And most of all, it’s a fun interactive way to keep in contact with my customers and it's super easy! You can include your name when you leave a comment or post a comment anonymously on anything I blog about.

New Jewelry Line!
The new line is called Loving Luxury. The jewelry is made with Swarovski Crystals, Fire-Polished Glass Beads, and more precious gems and metals. I have listed below the pieces of jewelry that are in the Loving Luxury line and will be adding more soon:

Elegant Black and Crystal Necklace
Crystal and Pearl Cluster Necklace
Silver Crystal Circle Necklace
Pearl and Metal Swirl Necklace
Crystal Lariat
Silver Crystal Wave Bracelet
Silver Rhinestone Bugal Bracelet
Elegant Black and Crystal Earrings
Glitter and Crystal Earrings
Crystal Cluster Earrings
Silver Crystal Earrings
Smokey Pearl and Crystal Earrings
Crystal Dreams Earrings



What I'm working on:

Anklets (Summer's right around the corner!)

Have a Wonderful March!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thank you Charlene!

Thank you for your purchase of the Forever Blue Necklace.

I know you'll love it!

Don't forget to make your shopping place for any future jewelry and other craft items you may need!

Please feel free to leave a comment!

Thank You Mary!


Thank you for your purchase of the Elegant Blackand Crystal Necklace from my new jewelry line Loving Luxury!

I hope you have as much fun wearing it as I had creating it.


Look for the design to come out in new colors soon!

Don't forget to make your shopping place for friends and family!

Please feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank You Stephanie!


Thank you for your purchase of the Philadelphia Eagles Ear Warmer!


Also don't forget to visit for any future purchases for friends and family:)

Please feel free to leave a comment!

Thank You Sarahina!

Thank you for your purchase of the White Pearl Bracelet!

Also don't forget to visit for any future purchases for friends and family:)

Please leave a comment!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank You Jamie!

Thanks for your purchase of The Flirty Pink Ring, The Flirty Purple Ring and The Reversible Oriental Ring.

I know you'll enjoy them very much!

Let me know if you need me to custom make any matching earrings, bracelets or necklaces.
Please feel free to leave a comment on your purchase.
Also don't forget to visit for any future purchases!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Local Bead Shops that I love!

Some of my customers have asked....
Where do I shop for my beads?
What are my favorite places to get beads?
Do I buy online?

My favorite local shops are:

Fat Cat Beads:
I like the selection of metal charms.
Favorite: I love the punch card that I fill and get 10.00 off my next purchase!

Meant to Bead:
I love the HUGE selection of beads. I have to stick to the list of things I came for, or it gets bad.
Favorite: The selection of Swarovski beads.

Tropic Jewel:
449 State StreetMadison, WI 53703-2031
I love the atmosphere. Hippyish. I love the selection of frosted glass beads.
Favorite: Fill a small zip lock bag with random beads for $3.00!

Shopping Rules:
My only rule when I go into one of these shops is I HAVE to leave in 30 minutes or less! Or I go a little nutso on the beads. There are so many choices and opportunities!

My favorite Shops Online are:
and a new favorite.... Thanks Phillip!

I can't wait for spring to go to garage sales and flea markets! That is where I find most of my Vintage Trinkets.

AND Bad news....... There is a Bead Show at the Alliant Energy Center this month. I'll need a chaperone!

Please let me know if there any unique bead shops in your area (Dane County, WI) so I can help support the economy!

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Jewelry Line coming soon.....

Here's a SNEAK PEEK of my new jewelry line to be released in March!

The line is called LOVING LUXURY.
This line will have luxurious beads and luxurious designs! Wear LOVING LUXURY out on the town with friends or dress up your outfit for the office.

Please email me at to be notified when the complete line is ready for sale!

Visit my website today for other great jewelry at great prices!

Thank You Joanne

Thank you for your purchase of the Black Swirl earrings and the Black Dangle earrings!


Please keep me in mind for any future gifts for yourself or friends and family!

Thank You Ivette!


Thank you for your purchase of the Dallas Cowboy Ear Warmer. I hope your friend is enjoying the gift!

Also don't forget to visit for any future purchases for friends and family:)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mittens From Mom!

The Sweater Mittens from Mom are Temporarily SOLD OUT! She is cranking them out as fast as she can and I will have new ones posted shortly on

Send me an email at if you wish to be notified when new ones become available.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Frosted Diamond Necklace and Earrings

This is a custom order for my friend Carrie. She loved the Frosted Black Earrings I made and asked to have a necklace to match. This will be perfect for her, because she loves a classic look!

The necklace is made with a frosted black glass bead, with silver rhinestone rhondelle beads, then a Clear Swarovski Crystal bead at the end of the pattern.

The earrings are made with silver wire and a silver chain. The beads used were the frosted black glass bead and the silver rhinestone rhondelle bead. It also has a Swarovski Crystal bead near the earring hook for an added glitz.

If anyone is interested in a custom order, please email me at !

Friday, February 12, 2010

Black Diamond Lariat

I just finished this custom order for my friend Stacey. She is going to love it!

It's called the Black Diamond. It's a Lariat design, which means that there is no clasp. The necklace is looped through the silver ring. The centerpiece is made with an assortment of black and crystal glass beads, with a rhinestone accent pieces.

The earrings are made with silver wire and chain. They have frosted black stones with a rhinestone accent piece.

If you have peeked at my website and are interested in discussing a custom order, please send me an email mytrendyexpressions@yahoo .com

Mittens From Mom!

My mom is making these great, warm and fuzzy mittens. They are made from sweaters!!! They all have a warm fleece lining to keep those fingers nice and toasty. She has sold over 25 pair in two weeks. They are selling like hotcakes! She is working on making more. There are several pair for sale on my site and more will be posted soon!
Please leave a comment if you have bought a pair!!! I would love to hear how happy they make you!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Project Healing Waters

I want to let everyone know the charity that I am raising funds for right now is called Project Healing Waters.

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc., serves military personnel who have been wounded, injured, or disabled to aid their physical and emotional recovery.

The Project's program provides basic fly fishing classes and clinics for the military personnel. All activities and services are provided to the participants at no cost.

While most of these fishing trips are conducted within a half-day’s travel from a hospital, the Project actively seeks opportunities to offer outings in quality fishing sites across the county.

The item for sale is:
A wire wrapped key chain.
It comes in three different colors.
It has an assortment of green, blue or pink and black beads in various shades, shapes and mediums. The size is between 3.5" in length and 3.75" in length.
You may purchase this item at today!

This is a charity item that will benefit Project Healing Waters. 50% of the proceed from this sale will be donated to Project Healing Waters.

Visit for more information.

Visit for a story on the creator of this charity Ed Nicholson.
Please help support our heroes when they return to the US!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Introduction to Trendy Expressions


My name is Jennifer. I create handmade jewelry that is of many materials and styles. My favorite style is vintage inspired jewelry. I use vintage items such as brooches and repurpose them into a new modern look.

Some of the unique materials I use are recycled from vintage jewelry or re purposed materials found here and there while shopping, traveling or attending auctions and flea markets.

How did I start....? I have always been creative and enjoyed painting, architecture, interior design, ceramics, drawing, and much more. I discovered beads a few years ago while trying to match a necklace to an outfit. I was unsuccessful, so I decided to make my own necklace. It was the freedom of being able to design anything I wanted, without limits, that hooked me in to this addictive habit of beading.

When not beading or working full-time, I enjoy being with my family, traveling, and reading.
But creating jewelry is something I really enjoy to do in my spare time.

I am constantly exploring and trying new ideas. I also am learning new techniques as I go and will eventually get into metal working.

I sell my creations on a website to make money (obviously:) and also to support my beading habit. I also participate in Craft Shows and Flea Markets. I have teamed up with a group of women who run home-based businesses. We will be putting on several events throughout the year. This group includes a photographer, a unique greeting card maker, an embroider, myself (handmade jewelry and crafts) and representatives from Avon, Pampered Chef, and Dove Chocolate Discoveries. We are working on coming up with a name for our group. Any ideas?

I do have other hobbies such as scrap booking and sewing to name a few. But, for now I am focusing on mainly jewelry. From time to time I'll post other miscellaneous items I've made on my website and add sneak peaks to my blog.

I also feature a few items in the CHARITY section to help out good causes. The items featured here will have a portion of my profits donated to the charity indicated with each item.

Please check out my website today!

Join my (E)mailing list:
You will receive updates on upcoming promotions, opportunities to support charities, new product announcements, and a monthly newsletter.

To join, send an email to: